Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews

Snorkeling is one of the most fun and easiest ways to explore underwater nature’s beauty. Here we review the new full face masks to see if it can be even better.

Traditional snorkeling equipment has been around for quite some time and just had refinements made to it.  A few years ago, some designers started to look into making improvements to the mask and snorkel.  They designed a full face snorkel mask where the mask and snorkel have been combined into one unit.

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Beginners, in particular, will find it a lot easier to use a full face mask compared to the traditional gear.  It is no longer necessary to keep the snorkel inside your mouth, and you can now breathe through both your mouth and nose.  More experienced snorkelers can benefit from the lack of fogging and wider field of view.

Seaview 180

Snorkeling is a lot of fun, and many people love heading out on the open water to enjoy the scenery.  However, it can be difficult to handle the gear, and that’s the last thing that most of us want to have to deal with. The Seaview 180 is getting rave reviews in the marketplace.  Do they justify the asking price?  Is it worth using for snorkeling out on the open water? This consideration of the Seaview 180 provides you with in-depth analysis of this product and the many things that it has to offer you.


  • Innovative Design
  • Easy Breathing with Mask
  • Simple to adjust For the Fitting
  • Ideal For Youth And Kids
  • Anti-Fog Design Improves Visibility
  • 180 Degree View Offered
  • Robust Snorkeling Mask

The design is very innovative and well thought out.  It fits snugly on your face and offers you an 180-degree view while you are in the water.  It is ideal for those searching for a robust solution.

Great Viewing Area

The main selling point of the mask is its display area and the way it works.  It provides you with an 180-degree view and allows you to soak in your surroundings when you are out snorkeling in the water.


you can even dive a little bit with the seaview 180The mask is lightweight and will not interfere with whatever you are doing.  That is critical when you consider some of the more bulkier products that are available for sale.

Perfect For “Go Pro.”

For individuals with a “Go Pro” device, you will want to have a mask where it is incorporated.  The Seaview 180 has been designed for these devices and regarding the camera will do its part.

Ideal for Kids

For people who want to buy their children masks so they can go snorkeling the Seaview 180 is one you will enjoy.  It is very easy to adjust, and your kids will like how it feels as soon as they put it on their heads.

Takes Some Time Getting Used To It

The mask has a unique design, and for anybody who has snorkeled for a while, it will take some time to adjust to it. It will take some time for you to get a good feel for it, but after you have worn it for a couple of minutes, you will be all set.  That is the only disadvantage that really can be listed regarding the Seaview 180 and all that it offers.

Final Verdict

Our review of the Seaview 180 tells you everything you need to know. It is a world-class option and is ideal for all ages.  It provides you with a fantastic panoramic view of the water, as well as being lightweight on your face.  What else could a person who is headed out on the water want?  Breathing with the mask feels natural, and compared to many of the regular options that are available, you will enjoy this more.  Rather than going with something sub-par, this one deserves your consideration.  It is a solution that is worth your time and easy to use over the long run. With this mask on your face, going snorkeling will be a fun experience for you once again.  So buy one of these masks as soon as possible.

Tribord Easybreath

You should check into the Tribord Easybreath Snorkeling Mask if you are searching for the best snorkeling mask around.  There is a wide variety of snorkeling masks available in the marketplace.  However, the Tribord stands head and shoulders above its competitors in some key areas.  We will be discussing some of these areas below in our review of the Tribord Easybreath.

1. Innovation.

This mask is truly innovative and enables the user to breathe as well as see underwater in the same way that you could if you are walking on land instead of being in the water.  Since it is so easy to use, it does make snorkeling very accessible to just about everyone and anyone who would like to do it.  One of the major obstacles that many people have is having a difficult time breathing underwater when they are snorkeling.  The full face snorkeling mask allows breathing underwater to be both natural and easy and allows for extreme comfort in a place (being underwater) that should be and once was an uncomfortable situation.

2. Unobstructed View

using the tribord easybreath in the waterSince usability was kept in mind when this full face mask was designed, it has a large size to allow users to have an 180-degree completely unobstructed field of visions that will fog up due to a double air flow system being implemented that minimizes the occurrence of fogging inside the mask.

3.  No Worries About Water Getting Inside The Mask

Since the mask has a mechanism that plugs into the top of the snorkel actually whenever it is fully immersed in water, you will not need to worry about water leakage at all.  Water will not enter into your snorkel, and completely dry usage is offered.

4.  Top Is Completely Visible

Another great thing about this particular snorkel to make it standard apart from its competitors is that the top of this snorkel is entirely visible when it is completely immersed in water.  Therefore you won’t need to worry about having external collisions since others will be able to see you at all times no matter where you are.  That helps with safety also.

5. Durable Build Quality

Another reason why this particular snorkel stands apart from its competitors is that it is made out of the some of the more durable materials available in the marketplace. For example, its window is made with  polycarbonate shatterproof material

Final Verdict

Overall, there are many reasons why this specific snorkel stands apart from its competitors.  In addition to being the most innovative and best in the market, it is a very affordable snorkel as well that provides lots of bang for your buck.  This specific snorkel has an excellent 4.5/5 star rating over on the Amazon marketplace with more than 900 customer reviews.  So you can rest assured that you will be putting your hard earned money into a high-quality product.

H2O Ninja

For people who vacation or permanently live in sunny locales, some options are always available for enjoying the trip.  One time-honored tradition in places with placid waters, and especially during the warmer months of the year, is to sample local cuisine, ranging from unhealthy yet delicious boardwalk French fries to the exotic dishes that can be found in these parts of the world.

Other past times that are well-traveled ways of enjoying the waters include playing games, swimming and hanging out at the beach, whether it is at the Pacific Ocean or a mountain lake.  Some more expensive and exotic past time like yachting or parasailing is also in abundance during the warm season in areas with water.

Snorkeling is one particular past time that is enjoyed in wet areas of the world.  It is a relatively simple past time where special put on special breathing tubes and masks and swim around with their eyes wide open to get a close look at the alien and exotic ocean life and scenery that you can only experience underwater, and sometimes only in certain areas of the world.

One of the most interesting and well-loved places to go snorkeling are coral reefs, although many of those natural wonders are among the most closely watched since they can be delicate but also very essential for local waters.

To go snorkeling one, of course, needs to have specialized equipment.  There might be an abundant supply of cheap old fashioned breathing tubes, face masks, and goggles, but for the neophyte and truly dedicated snorkeler who would like to start out having the best possible equipment, there are other options.

One of the major options for people who want to have an incredible snorkeling experience, whether that happens to be on an amazing coral reef that is located on the other side of the world or a lake that is just 30 minutes away, is the H20Ninja snorkeling mask by H20Ninja Hawaii.  Headquartered in Hawaii, one of the premier snorkeling places in the world, the primary product from H20Ninja is high-end snorkeling gear for anybody wanting to see the majesty of the ocean up close.

The entire face is covered by the H20Ninja Snorkel Mask, but it is still surprisingly free of any fogging.  The masks were inspired by those regulator systems and full face masks that deep sea divers use Divers were managing to swim under the water to the lowest depth as well as the highest pressures that can be taken by the human body without breaking.  The breathing tube has been built into the actual mask and creates a full face, snug seal that creates an unblocked, clear area between the surface and entire cover.  Also included in the built-in snorkel is a backup method, which is a one-way ball valve.  The functional design enables snorkelers to see the sea with much less fogging, mainly due to its design that deep sea diving equipment has inspired.

There is no need for the snorkel to have a mouthpiece, and many snorkelers who have issues that range from disliking the taste of rubber or plastic or having problems with their teeth will like the fact that it doesn’t require users to wear anything inside their mouths.  Full use of the nose is also allowed for by the mask, instead of just cutting the nose off from the air like traditional snorkeling masks do.  The H20Ninja mask allows you to breathe as easily with the nose, and many people prefer it instead of a traditional snorkeling system.

The major drawback to this advanced equipment is that it is expensive and does need to be appropriately sized compared to conventional snorkeling equipment which is one size fits all.  The mask costs about $145, and also shipping might not be that cheap either since the company is in Hawaii, although they ship as far as Japan at the time.  The sizing issue is still a hurdle to overcome.  It can be a real hassle to size one’s face and it can be an expensive mistake to get it wrong, so it is advised for buyers to carefully measure their faces.